Associazione Sportiva Fidia - Roma

The Sports Center FIDIA, born in Cesano (Rome) in 1983, offers numerous sporting activities for the health and fitness for competitive sport and for meeting new friends. The Center started in the early 80s from a base structure dedicated to the gym and the ballet and modern dance, but since 1984 has expanded creating a room for weight lifting and two years later saw the completion of the double pool blanket.
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SELF Energy
Complexo deportivo Santa Maria de Lamas

The facility is provided of two swimming pools and two gyms. The local generation of energy is provided by two natural-gas boilers, one Co-Generation natural gas Plant and 32m² of Solar Thermal Panels.
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EMTE Sport
Polideportivo Municipal de Etxebarri

Etxebarry's pilot is situated in the downtown of Etxebarri in the north of spain. This sport facility, is the perfect place to practice any sport activity. We have more than 1000m2 where there are two indoor pools, an outdoor summer pool, outdoor and indoor sports court. The indoor sports court it has place for 1500 people. The maximum capacity of the facility is about 2200 people. There is also a Boulder, two Padel courts, a Gym and several multiactivity rooms.
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Energy Efficiency for Sport Facilities

" SportE² is a research project co-financed by the European Commission in FP7 under the domain of Information Communication Technologies and Energy Efficient Buildings. In this project, we will develop energy efficient products and services dedicated to needs and unique characteristics of sport facilities. "