The Sports Center FIDIA, born in Cesano (Rome) in 1983, offers numerous sporting activities for the health and fitness for competitive sport and for meeting new friends. The Center started in the early 80s from a base structure dedicated to the gym and the ballet and modern dance, but since 1984 has expanded creating a room for weight lifting and two years later saw the completion of the double pool blanket.

  • Pilot Place
    Cesano, Roma, Italy
  • Pilot Owner
    Associazione Sportiva Fidia Srl
  • Pilot Responsible
    Fidia Sport
  • Website
  • Sport Facilities Description
    Pool (indoor) – size: 25m x 16m, depth: 1,60m to 2,10m, Capacity: 760 m³
    Learning Pool (indoor) – size: 16m x 4 m, depth: 1m, Capacity: 64 m³
    1 Gym (indoor) provided of electric equipment (electric bicycles, etc…)
    1 Fitness room (indoor) size: 18m x 9m x 3m, Volume: 486m³
    1 Volleyball court (indoor) – size: 40m x 28m x 8m, Volume: 8960 m³
    2 Tennis/Five-a-side courts (outdoor, with changing rooms) – size: 30m x 20m
  • Energy Consumption
    Water Heating for pools and showers.
    Air Heating for large environments.
    Electric Energy for indoor/outdoor lighting and electric equipment.
  • Energy Generation
    Currently, the heating system includes 4 independent boilers: one gas fired is devoted to Gym Weights, Fitness area and Bar/Office; one gas-fired is exclusively devoted to the tensioned volley structure; one is biomass-fired (hazelnut shell) and it is exclusively devoted to the Pool, in the winter season occasionally the biomass boiler cooperates with another boiler just during the coldest days of the season.
  • Energy Exchange
    The sport facility is just buying electrical energy from the grid; there is no energy exchange system that works with the grid.
  • Objectives
    The Fidia pilot is a facility with no previous management system installed. The SportE2 system has to be equipped with all sensors and actuators necessary for allowing the activity of monitoring, control and optimization of the facility.
  • HOW Module
    • Metering of the whole building consumptions (electrical, gas, biomass, water, thermal energy);
    • Sub-metering of thermal and electrical consumptions of grouped zones (gym/fitness and swimming pool);
    • Comfort monitoring by functional area: gym, fitness room and swimming pool. In these areas the PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) index will be measured in function of the activity performed;
    • Occupancy monitoring by functional area: gym, fitness room and swimming pool. The structure of the facility does not allow the direct measurement of the total value of occupancy for the pilot, so the occupancy of the whole facility will be provided as sum of the monitored entrances.
  • WHEN Module
    The control installation plan of FIDIA pilot allows the automation and control of the mechanical and electrical systems serving the swimming pool area; in particular, the control of the temperature and the quality of water and air in the swimming pool, according to the defined scenarios (WHY module), is the main task required to the WHEN module for this pilot. Two Automation Servers with its I/O modules are installed in 2 different areas of the facility and the AS communicates with its I/O modules with LON bus and among them on the TCP-IP. The automatic adjustment are scheduled for the following utilities:
    • Pump control bleeding showers;
    • Control heat exchanger of the pump of the pool;
    • Pump control bleeding of the AHU;
    • Pump control bleeding FanCoil of the Dressing room;
    • Fan control AHU of the Pool;
  • WHY Module
    The Why module is entirely referred to the swimming pool, which is the most energy-consuming area, with the application of two optimization scenarios:
    • The first optimization scenario concerns the pool air treatment developed with the support of a simulation model for the training of the optimization algorithms. The adopted solution is able to provide optimal control rules taking into account multiple variables as PMV values, occupancy, external thermal conditions, pool temperature and HVAC parameters.
    • The second optimization scenario is applied to the pool water treatment which is rule-based and provides the optimal pumps operation scheduling in order to minimize the electrical consumption maintaining the needed water quality.


SELF Energy
Complexo deportivo Santa Maria de Lamas

The facility is provided of two swimming pools and two gyms. The local generation of energy is provided by two natural-gas boilers, one Co-Generation natural gas Plant and 32m² of Solar Thermal Panels.
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EMTE Sport
Polideportivo Municipal de Etxebarri

Etxebarry's pilot is situated in the downtown of Etxebarri in the north of spain. This sport facility, is the perfect place to practice any sport activity. We have more than 1000m2 where there are two indoor pools, an outdoor summer pool, outdoor and indoor sports court. The indoor sports court it has place for 1500 people. The maximum capacity of the facility is about 2200 people. There is also a Boulder, two Padel courts, a Gym and several multiactivity rooms.
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