Happy ending for SportE2 project!!!


The Final Meeting took place in Santa Maria de Lamas (Portugal) on 28 and 29 October 2014.

SportE2 Team

Congratulations to the whole SportE2 Team for the Energy and CO2 Reduction Saving obtained!


Project Video is online!


The scope of this video is to provide a visual tool describing the objective of Sporte2 system, with a brief description of the Sporte2 Modules developed and the main results higlighting the benefits of Sporte2 sytem that were achieved in the real pilot cases.

The main message of this video is that the Sporte2 System is a Modular Scalable Tool to Improve Energy efficiency in Sport Facilities in Europe.

Encouraging results after validation completed on the pilot!


SportE² achieved an overall energy reduction in the three pilot cases, registered an improvement of the indoor conditions and showed how to optimize the use of renewables.

The energy profile at Fidia sports facility was reduced of about 21% for the electricity and 30% for the thermal energy.

The improved control of the solar tank revealed an increase of solar energy share from 32% to 56% with a saving of gas consumption of about the 45%!

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SportE2 Issue 3 Newsletter Published!


SportE² has just crossed the finish line and the final issue of the project newsletter is now available under Public Document, Newsletter subsection. You can also download the newsletter from this link.

Project End


The 31th of August 2014 the SportE2 project reached his finish line.

Now we are very proud to say that we scored the point!


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