Workshop - The energy efficiency in Commercial and Public Buildings


Cardiff 3rd Jul 2014

SportE² organized the workshop Advanced Energy Management Solutions for Commercial/Public Buildings. The event, hosted by Cardiff University, has seen a very stimulating meeting between public administrations (Cardiff and Derry City Councils) and EU projects (SportE2, n0e-sport and KnoholEM) to discuss about the future of the energy efficiency in commercial and public buildings.
Where we are now and what will be the next step to achieve the energy target for the city of the future!

Event - EXPO: An opportunity for a Smart Olympic Sport


Milan 25th Jun 2014

SportE² and the C.O.N.I. Lombardia discussed about the energy efficiency for sports facilities in the prespective of the event EXPO2015. The conference was held in the beautiful location of Palazzo Cusani and hosted the most important authorities, sports associations and consular representatives.

SportE2 Workshop - Sport facilities: a challenge for energy efficiency


21 Nov 2013 –The SportE2 team organized a great event in Bilbao together with local authorities to share experience and discuss about the energy efficiency in sport facilities.

System installed at EMTE


Oct 2013 – The installation of the SportE2 system completed in the Spanish pilot. Now ready for testing!

SportE2 at MADEexpo 2013


03 Oct 2013 –Schneider Electric and Staring presented the SportE2 project in a session of the MADEexpo 2013 dedicated to sport buildings.

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