SportE2 - Energy Efficiency for Sport Facilities

SportE2 is a research project co-financed by the European Commission in Framework Programme 7 under the domain of Information Communication Technologies and Energy Efficient Buildings.  In this project, we will develop energy efficient products and services dedicated to needs and unique characteristics of sport facilities.

Who we are

SportE2 is made up of 10 Project Partners from 5 different European countries with expertise in building management systems, smart metering, data and signal processing, optimisation, energy flow simulation tools, green design, energy efficiency, and innovation. The project also includes three participating sport facilities each representing a different kind of stakeholder, a private owner, an energy management company with 17 sport facilities, and an energy service company (ESCO). A unique member of the SportE2 consortium is hall of fame basketball player and Olympic medalist PierLuigi Marzorati who played for the Italian national team and local squad "Pallecanestro Cantú." Learn more about each of our project key individuals in our People Section.

What we will do

In short, we will excite the sport facility community about energy efficiency and develop ICT related energy consultancy services, hardware, and software to reduce energy consumption and emissions production by 30% in these facilities with a 5 year return on investment. To do this, the project will develop an integrated, modular, and scalable ICT system to manage energy consumption, generation, and exchange locally and within the larger context of the smart grid/neighbourhood. The core of the system and approach are four scalable modules that can be purchased and employed separately or integrated depending on client needs. These modules are SportE2 How (smart metering to determine where energy is being consumed), SportE2 When (integrated control systems that enable the actuation of energy sourcing and consumption), SportE2 Why (intelligent and optimal decision making given smart metering data and control capabilities), and SportE2 Where (a multi-facility management portal).

The project will make use of a full scale building laboratory environment (Kubik) located at Tecnalia for system integration and testing. The project will then implement the SportE2 modules in three full-scale pilots representative of sport facilities at large (see our Pilots Page) and able to implement the smart grid concept through the availability of RET and cogeneration devices.

Why it matters

First, the "big idea." Sport is a culture and a way of life. It inspires us. Already, there is the understanding that you have to do something and work to get better. Millions of spectators follow sports and just as many conduct sport activities of their on in facilities across Europe. If we can embed energy efficient thinking into this culture, it will make a difference. Next, Europe has committed to drastic reductions in energy and carbon emissions by the year 2020. Because buildings are responsible for 40% of Europe's total energy consumption, it is impossible to meet these targets without addressing the building stock. In this regard, sport facilities present an excellent sector for energy savings. There are many sport facilities and arenas around Europe and they consume an enormous amount of energy. If we can make a difference across these buildings at large, it has an impact. In addition, the sport community is linked by leagues, associations, and teams. As such, dissemination and exploitation channels are already established to help facilitate energy saving changes and actions. Lastly, we have the opportunity to educate and inspire people about energy efficient behaviours and actions. Because such facilities host numerous youth activities, there is the means to positively impact future generations. Keep an eye open for the SportE2 "Healthy Body Healthy Building" campaign (coming soon).

Get Involved

Please come back and visit frequently. We'll be posting project progress, news stories, and events. If you're interesting in program information at the EU level please click here. We also invite you to subscribe to our project newsletter (via webpage) or feel free to contact the project coordinator Donato Zangani directly at for specific requests. Perhaps you own or manage a sport facility and would like to share your experiences and views. We welcome this. If instead you would like to help us disseminate project results and reach the sport community at large, please become a "Friend of SportE2" indicated on the right. Lastly, if you're ready to start saving energy today, contact us, we're up for the challenge!