• Pilot Place
    Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal
  • Pilot Owner
    Casa do Povo e Colégio Liceal de Santa Maria de Lamas
  • Pilot Responsible
  • Website
  • Sport Facilities Description
    Olympic Pool (indoor) – size: 50m x 25m, depth: 1,20 to 1,80, Capacity: 1650m3
    Learning Pool (indoor) – size: 20m x 6 m, depth: 1,1m, Capacity: 132 m3
    2 Gyms (indoor) with one provided of electric equipment (electric bicycles, etc…)
  • Energy Consumption
    Water Heating for pools and showers
    Air Heating for large environments
    Electric Energy for indoor/outdoor lighting and electric equipment
  • Energy Generation
    2 boilers fuelled with natural gas (1070KW each)
    Co-Generation System fuelled with natural gas (130KW)
    Solar Thermal Panels with total area of 32m2 (annual production of 22500 KWh)
  • Energy Exchange
    According to the Portuguese legislation applied to these specific case (Co-Generation Production and Selling) it has been determined that it can be injected to the electric grid a total of 50% of the total annual electric production. The others 50% are for the consumption of the installation in study.
  • Objectives
    The Portuguese pilot is an example of complex building with multiple functional areas with a partial monitoring installed and a set of stand-alone energy subsystems (boilers, CHP, thermal solar) operating individually. The main objective of the SportE2 system is to complete the monitoring solution with the How Module and optimize the operation of the stand-alone sub-systems.
  • HOW Module
    The monitoring points of the Portuguese pilot are positioned in several locations inside the pilot facility:
    • Metering of the whole building consumptions (electrical, gas, water, thermal energy);
    • Sub-metering of thermal consumptions of boilers, solar panels, swimming pool and CHP;
    • Sub-metering of electrical consumptions of the CHP and swimming pool;
    • Comfort monitoring by functional area: small gym area, big gym area and swimming pool. In these areas the PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) index will be measured in function of the activity performed;
    • Occupancy monitoring by functional area: small gym area, big gym area and swimming pool. The structure of the facility does not allow the direct measurement of the total value of occupancy for the pilot, so the occupancy of the whole facility will be provided as sum of the monitored entrances.
  • WHEN Module
    The control installation plan for St. Maria de Lamas pilot allows the automation and control of the mechanical and electrical systems serving the pool area: control of the temperature and quality of water and air in the swimming pool, according to the chosen scenarios (WHY module), is the main task required to the WHEN module for this pilot.
    Boiler scenario: introduction of a time schedule for the better exploitation of boilers.
    AHU scenario allows an automatic regulation of the following utilities:
    • Control gas boilers;
    • Control primary pumping system;
    • Control AHU pool;
    • Control AHU small gym;
  • WHY Module
    The Why module is referred to the swimming pool area and the boiler operation with the application of two optimization scenarios:
    • The first optimization scenario is referred to the swimming pool's air treatment and renovation by optimization of the AHU operation, it is based on a simulation model for algorithms training to provide handling unit's performance optimization to save energy whilst maintaining comfort of occupants. This scenario proposes air treatment in the zone which aims to provide sufficient indoor ventilation to control indoor humidity levels caused by large amount of evaporation. It also optimises the heating set point to ensure the right amount of heated air is supplied during winter, based on real time monitoring of comfort.
    • The second optimization scenario focuses on the automation and optimization of the boiler operation and it is based on a simulation model for the training of the optimization algorithms, in order to find the optimal operational rules for the boiler.


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